Proof 1. offers full transparency when it comes to its business model.

You can read our full Terms and Conditions here.

You can read our full Earnings Disclaimer here.

Proof 2. has a viable and win-win business model

Scams, frauds or dishonest schemes have only one business model: to ask you for money without providing for anything in return.

Our business model is pretty straightforward and simple that Google or Facebook should copy it! Advertisers spend their millions of money so they could gain and sell to users. Users participate in a site. is that site. OGPlanet redistributes advertiser's money in the form of points, gift-cards or other exciting prizes. In turn, we take a few for ourselves so we profit. 

The more users we gain, the more advertisers gain more users. The more users or customers advertisers gain. The more they spend. The more advertisers spend, the more we can redistribute to users. It's a lovely cycle where everyone benefits.

Proof 3. has put a lot of effort in driving a promising business

From the get-go, we started OGPlanet to provide advertisers another means to reach out to their audience. We made quite a handsome investment in making sure that we have the infrastructure to support the business model. From the web server hosting, to the top caliber web designers, to the highly experience web developers - everything, that has come into play, was meticulously and rigorously selected to find the perfect balance between advertisers and their potential customers.

We believe that this balance is the key. Although we want to reward users as much as we can, we are fully transparent in stating that there may be instances when we might not be able to. 

Finding willing advertisers that would spend money is quite a challenge. So during lean times, we make it a point to inform you that the prizes from the prize pool would also be limited. 

Proof 4. has a 93% Very High Trust Rating in

A 93% trust rating is nothing to balk about. With that level of trust score, you can be sure that a lot of people have a lot of positive experiences with Trust is something that can only be built over time. It comes with sacrifice, steadfastness and the drive to deliver what we promise, to our sponsors, advertisers, partners and users.

Of the many ranking scam review and advisory sites, is one of the most established and trusted in the industry. Their review and vetting process has been nothing but extensive. 

With all those proofs we've presented, the only thing left to do is for you to test it out. 

You have nothing to lose.

We won't ask you for money just to join.

We're very transparent when it comes to your privacy rights (Read our full privacy policy)

So what are you waiting for? If you haven't joined us yet, start now, we're very friendly!