When you open a point of contact with OGPlanet you're actually creating an interlinked channel. That means that whether it's through live chat, email or through the contact form, you can be sure that we're aware of your concern and are doing all the best we can to address it as fast as we can.

This amazing system kicks in during the following instances:

  • When we, for some reason (though it rarely happens), overlook answering a live chat session.
  • When you try to contact us via live chat, and we're asleep (outside of business hours)
  • When you make nice messages to us via Facebook Messenger (sorry, comments do not count!)
  • If you DM (direct message) us via our official twitter account. Tweets can also be counted.
  • Via messages on our handy-dandy contact portal
  • We're so nice, we'll respond to replies you've made on our automated emails
  • Very nicely worded emails to contact@ogplanet.com

Our customer service techs are the most helpful and dedicated people we've ever met. But with that said, they're only human and can only handle so much tickets in a given time-frame. As much as they're dedicated to their jobs, their responses can only be given with the amount of workload they have. 

IF you're really in a rush, the fastest way by far that you can expect a reply from us is through the Live Chat. 


We usually hang out and keep the line open in the Live Chat London time 10 AM to 5 PM. If you're based in another country, you can use this time zone converter to figure out what time we're usually up.