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We endeavor to gather as little information about you as possible. Your privacy rights are our utmost priority. 

Any information that we gather about you is information that you voluntarily input.

How does the system work?

As  you are well aware of, the site works by gathering data that may be of use commercially and selling these to third party advertisers and sponsors. A majority of this information is gathered through surveys which you will have to voluntarily join. Automated means exist as well, as is standard for third party user tracking services such as Google Analytics, Statcounter or such. 

In line with this, a few things are automatically gathered about you:

  • Your username and email address
  • Internet Protocol (IP Address) This is assigned by your Internet Service Provider, and can be masked by using VPNs or Virtual Private Networks.
  • The gadget, desktop or laptop that you use to access this website.
  • The type of browser that you use (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Brave, etc)