We understand how hard it can be to get started sometimes. The process involved in securing these points can oftentimes be tedious. Advertisers need to maximize the information so they can sell better by targeting better. Bonus Points are designed to kickstart and motivate users into participating better and more efficiently so advertisers can also benefit. 

In line with these, we designed specific Bonus Points accordingly: 

  • Coupon Bonus Points - Got coupons? Use them and get bonus points for doing so.
  • Offer Bonus Points - If you're in the running for converting your offers, you'll be rewarded
  • Games Bonus Points - Got game? Here's to the players out there who have reached a certain level on the games found on our site.
  • Referral Bonus Points - Got a lot of friends? Ask them to join - we guarantee they'll love you for it!
  • Poll Bonus Points - Everyday we conduct polls to have a feel for how our users participate, join and be rewarded.

Note: There is a distinction between referral points and the bonus points from the perspective of the referral.