Remember: Points are "units of measurements" meant to quantify user participation. They have no monetary value.

Our partners and sponsors create "offers" that require user participation. When you, the user, participate and complete the tasks involved specifically, you are rewarded "Offer Points". A successfully completed offer (when you do the tasks exactly as the sponsors required), is also called a "conversion". Know that there are many actions that activate a conversion. These may include: a successfully downloaded app, a completed signup, a newsletter subscription, or joining a trial program.

Every time an offer is made, specific instructions detailing exactly how to do it are attached to it. The site uses programs that enable the automatic detection if an offer is successfully converted. This may take seconds up to minutes. On rare occasions however, the conversion of offers are manually approved by the sponsors themselves.

There are two kinds of Offer Points:

  • Offer Bonus Points - these are given as some sort of consolation prize for unsuccessful conversions.
  • Offer Points - given when the offer conversion is successful. (When the user completes the tasks exactly as indicated in the instructions)