The OGPlanet referral system is an amazing way to generate points passively after the initial infrastructure has been laid out. If your social media profiles generate a significant amount of interest and interaction, simply referring OGPlanet to your existing user base will merit you some points. All you have to do is to get users to meaningfully join the site. 

To get started, you need to generate your very own referral link. You can find this within the Account interface and then look for the Referral Links section. 

You should be aware of distinguishing between ordinary Referral Points and those designated as Referral Bonus Points.

  • Referral Points - you earn a portion of the points of users you refer. 
  • Referral Bonus Points - you earn points based on the number of users you refer.

Guidelines: The marketability of certain segments of the population tends to be different per geographical location. It makes sense for a company to try and advertise to users in a location it already services. It does not make sense to sell or market higher-end, premium, luxury items to impoverished developing nations. While it may sound discriminatory, it is just a fact of life. That's why users from developed nations such as the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and others are preferred. 

OGPlanet also tends to avoid the "farming" of user accounts as a way to generate Points. That's why it has strict measures in place to make sure that each individual account is tied to one real human person. 

Another item to consider is the level of participation of the referred account. Accounts that are created merely for the purpose of creating referrals are not good for the sponsors, advertisers, OGPlanet and for the referring account.

If done organically, referrals have a multiplier effect that can help boost the number of points you have.