You can earn as much points as you could possibly can with

The only limits are with Bonus Points, which every now and then become stagnant if advertisers find that the offers are not generating the desired effect via the ads.

Since Bonus Points have a special status, we also place a limit on them:

  • 500 Points - You've most likely attained the threshold for Coupon Bonus Points.
  • 750 Points - You've most likely attained the threshold for Offer Bonus Points.
  • 1,250 Points - You've most likely attained the threshold for Offer Bonus Points and Coupon Bonus Points.
  • > 1,250+ Points - You're most likely not "converting" offers. You may want to look into your Offer history for more information.

Sometimes your experience in getting points may not be optimal. This is most likely due to country restrictions. Developing nations tend to have less offers because advertisers focus more on developed markets. Developed markets include the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and others.

Don't fret if there are participants who are able to garner hundreds of thousands of points while you don't seem able to derive more.

Despite this, we at OGPlanet believe in leveling the playing field by offering people from developing nations other opportunities that could pose as an alternative.

The first recourse is to make sure to maximize the OGPlanet network of sites. These sites are geared towards servicing specific geographic regions to make the ad networks become hyperlocal.

Another way to earn more points is by downloading our Android and iOS apps specifically designed for watching video advertisements. However, do note that these also have daily limits imposed. 

Poll Points are also an engaging way to make points. Polls are daily events meant to gather information about the pulse of OGPlanet's users on any given day.

Last but not the least, and this is where some of our users make the most points. OGPlanet has a Referral Program that has no limit. So if you have a very active social media profile that's leveraged to maximize viewership, you may opt to concentrate solely on these referrals. 

The referral program has two tiers. One is through the number of users you refer. The second tier lets you earn a percentage of the points your referrals make. 

You can find out more about it in: "How do OGPlanet Referral Points work?"