You have to look at it from the perspective of OGPlanet and its partner-advertisers. If you were us, which type of user would you like to reward the most? 

The answer is subjective, meaning it depends. Our advertisers make money through exposure. Ultimately, the real deal is sealed if our partner-advertisers sell their products and services. Certain actions on the part of users generate this ideal scenario. 

Now, in the lead up to this scenario are factors such as click-through rates and others. These along with others may indicate the motivation to buy. 

So to earn more points, you simply have to behave normally as an "honest consumer". You could do this by:

  • Providing legitimate and genuine information about you - and therefore your buying habits and needs
  • Following instructions to the dot and if the situation requires it, even beyond.
  • Faithfully interacting with the sites and keeping up to date with developments like a solid fan.