The answer is highly contingent on your geographical location. 

What is the fastest way to earn for Americans, British, Canadians or citizens from developed nations?

Since our partner-advertisers target these locations for their products and services the most, you'll find an abundance of offers that are at a premium. 

All you have to do in this regard is to faithfully accomplish and follow the instructions for each of the available offers. If you psychologically treat each one as an opportunity rather than as a task, you stand to benefit because during the process you are actually enjoying yourself. 

Remember: always follow instructions.

I live in a developing or a third world nation, what's the fastest way to earn points?

Unfortunately, citizens from localities that are not targeted by our partner-advertisers would find it more difficult to convert points. This is the nature of targeted advertising. It wouldn't do for instance, to try to sell Rolls Royce and embark on an extensive marketing campaign in war torn regions.

But take heart! is coming up with other ways for you to generate those points.

  1. You can explore to the fullest extent our partner network to see if one caters to your specific locality. Some of our partner ad networks service promising developing nations and make a lot of interesting offers as well.
  2. You can also explore our mobile apps via Google Play and the App Store to participate in our Video Ad Points. Simply download the app on your mobile device, watch the advertisements and then convert to points.
  3. Another way to maximize your point earning potential which is actually a really good way, is through OGPlanet's robust referral program. There are two ways to earn from this. The first way is through referring "good" users to our site. The more users you refer, the better. The second way is through the points your referrals make. 

For more information on how our referral program works, read "How do referral points work?"