New users are often confused the moment they begin to use

This occurrence becomes more prominent when they stumble on the limits of their accounts when it comes to Offer Bonus Points. It pays well to recall that advertisers manually check the and sometimes accept conversions.

The amount of points you can earn are boundless. However, bonus points or those points OGPlanet "gifts" to users which do not create any value for the advertisers are limited. 

This is more pronounced for users who are residing in developing nations which have very few offers and little interest to our advertisers. Remember, our partner-advertisers have to strike a balance between their reach - and reaching out to audiences who will actually buy their products in the near future.

The good news is, there are other ways users from these countries can generate points:

  • The OGPlanet Referral Program. As we keep emphasizing to our users, referrals are the best way to make points. This is most especially true if the referrals are from nations that are ideal for our advertisers. So even if you reside in a developing nation, but you are able to refer let's say 100 users from a developed nation, you stand to benefit from their joining.
  • Mobile App Ads. This one is really simple and easy. Download the app on your mobile device. Use it to watch video advertisements, generate points!
  • OGPlanet Coupons. Consider these as an Internet treasure hunt. Find our influencers, use their coupon codes and ka-ching! Convert these into points.

We do our best to ensure that everybody, regardless of geographic limitations have a fair slice of the pie. While it may be more difficult for others to earn points, we ensure that the door is always open for them as well. Who knows, maybe there will come a time when advertisers from your locality may one day, advertise with us as well.

The win-win solution for everyone is for advertisers to generate revenue, for you to earn points and for OGPlanet to have a small slice of the pie.