You can't earn points by posting your referral links in the chatroom.

Unfortunately, many users seem to think that the chat room is the best place to earn referral points. This however, is very wrong. First of all, people who hang out in the chat room are already members of OGPlanet.

Secondly, many have the mistaken notion that all it takes to make points is to have someone click on the referral link. Again, this is not true. Referral Bonus Points are earned when genuine and verified users who aren't members yet, join the platform. The other way for you to earn Referral Points is to make sure your friends participate in offers and make some points of their own.

Customer acquisition in targeted markets is very dear to our partner-advertisers. By extension, this makes them very dear to us as well. So please make sure that the referrals you'll be making are real and genuine people. We pay extra attention to these referrals since they're the bread and butter of the business.

Moreover, targeting users from developed nations such as the United Kingdom, the US, Australia and Canada would be very optimal. Most of our advertisers cater to those markets and therefore more offers are available for them. 

Remember: the more you refer the better. The more your referrals earn, the best!