Unfortunately, not all gift codes work in all jurisdictions or countries. 

Big corporations usually use subsidiaries to act in their stead for legal and tax purposes - that's why offering a one-shoe-fits all international gift cards may not work at times. It's simply legally not feasible.

Furthermore, some countries may impose money-transfer laws that are overly restrictive. So, transferring gift-codes from one place to another may be subject to these laws.

As a silver lining to all of these legal jargon, Steam does allow these transfers.

"I live in a country outside the US what now?"

If we identify your current location (based on your IP address) to be outside the US, our systems will automatically disallow you from claiming codes that will not work. That sounds fair right. All the effort in securing the codes and then suddenly you claim a code that doesn't work - is not really fair. So we don't allow that.

What we can offer in exchange, is a direct payment using your PayPal account.

The good news is, subject to certain limitations such as age (you need to be 18), almost everyone can use PayPal. If you don't have one yet, it's best to get started even before you start participating in OGPlanet.com

Here's a list of countries that PayPal supports.


"But I don't have PayPal"

No problem! We know of a better alternative that's universal - in fact it's so universal you can even use it in North Korea and Iran! We're pretty sure that you've heard of Bitcoin. It's a decentralized, peer-to-peer currency that spans borders and can be transacted even if you're in outer space!

All you need is a Bitcoin wallet, and there tons to choose from.

  1. If you have a mobile device, download a Bitcoin app that's well known to be safe. These are available in both Android and on the iPhone. Here's how to proceed:
  2. Once you get your Bitcoin wallet address (take note: they're an extremely long string of numbers and letters)
  3. Copy and paste your Bitcoin wallet address to that section in OGPlanet that asks you to input your Bitcoin wallet address.
  4. Now go back to OGPlanet's prizes section and stack those Satoshis (a unit of Bitcoin) up!

We highly recommend Bitcoin, because it's really good - you just have to try it.